Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

my feeling

Somehow I feel like this? I do not know if all of this like this. This heart, this feelings, thoughts, all the mess. What does it mean, if no one had a clue. I wonder if I should tell them to know? I'm confused should I be honest? Or I should save all this? It's hard to be honest, why I like this? Am I wrong move like this. If you understand what I'm feeling, but it is not. You're always thinking about me negativ. Why does this feeling arise again, would I still love you? But all was not muungkin, because you have chosen him. All the mistakes I've passed and which can not be paid. Perhaps too sick. When the woman's story I felt very ill at once. Like jealousy. Why does he always make me upset, and why he changed his attitude to me? Does he hate me? I dunno ..... it's over. I hope to forget him forever. Now only time can answer all of them. I just want the best for everything. And I want you to know if never hated you. I dunno I'm confused ...

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